While we have seen a variety of questions and issues that we consider important to address when choosing a wedding officiant, the following is a list that we have put together, with the order of them being somewhat important:

After speaking with the officiant (a must), does the officiant make you comfortable? Does she/he seem genuinely interested in you as a couple? (If your answer to either of these questions is NO, then the following questions are moot.

- What makes the officiant qualified to celebrate weddings? 

- Is the officiant available on your wedding date? 

- Is the officiant available for a ceremony rehearsal?

-Is the officiant willing travel to your chosen wedding site?

-Is the officiant willing to meet with the two of you before you hire them as an officiant? 

-Does the officiant require pre-marital counseling?

- How long has the officiant been performing weddings? Why does she/he do them?

-Does the officiant charge a standard fee? What does the fee include?  

-What happens if something emergent were to come up and the officiant is unable to be at your wedding?

-Will the officiant let you personalize ceremony details such as music, readings, and vows? Can you include other religious or non-religious elements if desired?

-Does the officiant have sample wording/ceremonies/readings to show you?

-Would the officiant (and his/her spouse) like to come to the reception and rehearsal dinner? (Not all couples choose to invite the officiant, and not all officiants make it a practice of attending dinners when invited).

Choosing a Wedding Minister or Officiant