Rev. Melissa Strong - 816-500-4332

I am Rev. Melissa Strong live now in Omaha. Nebraska. I have officiated over 450 weddings since 2007. I have officiated weddings with 9 attendants on each side with 350 guests to weddings in a living room with only the bride, groom, and two witnesses in attendance. I have been a part of weddings where couples wear tuxes to those where they wear jeans and cowboy boots.

I have a passion for not just being the person to read the words of your ceremony, but to create a unique ceremony that is a reflection of you and the humor, life, love, and joy that makes up your partnership. I find joy in working with you to customize your ceremony. I run the rehearsals if you do not have a coordinator so that each participant knows where to be and when to be there. Beyond that, I do all that she can to reduce the stress and worry of the day. I have done everything from drying the flowers so they don't drip on the dresses to sewing on the groom's button minutes before the ceremony, to helping bustle the wedding dress. From start to finish, I am committed to helping your ceremony go as smoothly as possible. I am personable, joyful, and humorous. I know the balance of having a fun time and being professional and on point.

I am an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and am the Manager for the Pastoral Services Department at Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital. I love my work in the hospital and absolutely enjoy the opportunity and honor to unite a couple and be present for their first moments into the next steps of their journey. If you are looking for someone who will bring laughter, fun, creativity and professionalism to your wedding, please give me a call. I would love to talk to you!